The Best (And Worst) Shows On HBO

Jun 17, 2022 It’s The Insufferable Bastards’ HBO Show Tier List! We rank about 70 HBO shows released between 1997 and 2022. If the two hosts disagree, Matt from Mondo Creepy breaks the tie. Shows ranked include #euphoria , #thewire , #thesopranos, #deadwood, #gameofthrones, #veep, #weownthiscity, #winningtime and a bunch more!

We Own This City as The Wire turns 20

Jun 4, 2022 Who else but David Simon et al call pull off a compulsively watchable TV show that essentially chronicles the formation of a consent decree between a municipality and the federal gov’t? Put down the comic book, take a break from the hashtag, and watch ‘We Own This City.’

Sam Elliott Sucks At Apologizing

May 13, 2022 Back in February, legendary actor Sam Elliott said some weirdly mean stuff about Jane Campion’s ‘Power of the Dog.’ Then, more than a month later, he made an ever weirder apology that opened with blaming podcast host Marc Maron. It’s weird, dude