CT FILM FEST REVIEW: “Grass Roots: The Marijuana Initiative”

toby.pngWho knew they guys trying to get weed legalized all look like Toby, the mumbling HR director from “The Office?”

That’s one of the things that will surprise you about this engaging documentary about the members of the “Committee to Control and Regulate Marijuana” efforts to get the drug legalized in Nevada in 2006.

WHEN AND WHERE: Friday, May 23, 7:30 p.m., Ives Concert Hall, WestConn, 181 White St.

The doc follows the CCRM’s campaign, which goes to great lengths to point out that Jeff Spicoli and Woody Harrelson aren’t the only ones who want the drug legalized.

“Grass Roots” tries to come off like a “War Room” political doc for the ganja crowd, complete with an overly dramatic soundtrack.

A less biased, more biting approach would have been better for the casual viewer. Its biggest problem is that it’s just too darn sober, except for a scene where the campaign brass forces the “legalize it” volunteers to shave their goatees.

Overall, however, it’s worth seeking out.



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