Oh man, this is the one to see.

Monster Camp” is a documentary about folks who participate in “NERO,” a live action, medieval, Dungeons & Dragons-like fantasy game.

The people are weird, quirky and funny, of course, but the filmmakers never take cheap shots, a la “Trekkies.”

“Reno 911” fans will undoubtedly think of Patton Oswald’s appearances on the show as the drunken Renaissance Fair player.

Howard Stern fans will think: “I’m Darth Nilius.”

I totally relate to these folks ’cause I’m a guy who has been going to Fango cons since 1991.

Can someone explain to me what a “gay, poly, kinky person” is?

See it, see it, see it.

WHEN AND WHERE: Saturday, May 24, 11 a.m. Ives Concert Hall, WestConn’s White Street campus



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