This blog’s intitial hook is the Connecticut Film Festival, scheduled to take place at various spots in downtown Danbury and over at WestConn’s White Street campus.

The film fest kicks off Tuesday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at the Palace Theater with “The Flyboys,” a family-friendly adventure featuring both Stephen Baldwin and Tom Sizemore!

The flick won the audience award at this year’s Sedona film festival, according to a random article Google told me about.

By day I’m the paper’s Danbury City Hall multimedia reporter, which means I cover government for the paper, along with providing additional content for (video mostly).

During the Connecticut Film Festival, however, I’ll pretty much be covering nothing but the festival.

Here are some stories I’m planning . . .

Thursday, May 14: Covering the official “Hey, we’re having a film fest next week” press conference with folks from CityCenter Danbury, festival organizer Tom Carruthers and many more!

Friday, May 15: A look at some of the foreign flicks being offered at the festival.

Sunday, May 18: A sneak peek at The Palace Theater, which will be showing movies for the first time in I don’t know how long (how cool is it to see the marquee lit up at night?)

Monday, May 19: Hi, the film festival starts Tuesday. A story on where to park, plus a blurb describing what to do after the movies let out (Two words — Cousin Larry’s).

Tuesday, May 20: We’re covering opening night live. I’m filing for print and possibly doing some sort of live video feed for

Wednesday, May 21: I collapse from exhaustion, file litigation against News-Times Online Editor Keith Whamond.

Wednesday through Sunday — try to cover everything film festival related.

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