Nudity is so in!

Today Ray Hogan of the Greenwich Time has an advance story on next week’s Connecticut Film Festival — did I mention this thing is happening here in Danbury?

Anyway, Hogan makes mention of “Leave You In Me,” a film directed by Dutch Doscher of Stamford.

From the article:

One of the films bound to be discussed is “Leave You In Me” by Stamford director Dutch Doscher. In the 30-minute black-and-white film, the male and female stars perform the majority of the film in the nude. The movie examines a relationship that is on stable sexual ground but rocky in the emotional department.

Doscher, a freelance director for Deerfield Productions in Westchester County, says that he wanted to examine the physical versus emotional comfort level of a couple. “I haven’t seen a movie with a couple that is naked that wasn’t about sex,” he says. “Nudity is part of your daily life. In black-and-white photography, nudes are considered art. On film it’s seen as purient.”

Unfortunately, after the disturbing displays of male nudity in “Walk Hard” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” I will be protesting outside the “Leave You In Me” screenings, which are scheduled for Wednesday, 6 p.m. at the WestConn Student Center Theater on White Street and Saturday, 10:15 p.m. at the Heirloom Arts Theater at 155 Main St.

Please join me as I burn copies of “Wild Things,” “The Crying Game,” “Boogie Nights” and the complete works of Harvey Keitel.

4 thoughts on “Nudity is so in!

  1. I saw this movie at the Avon Theater and didn’t see it as pornographic at all. Maybe you should see it

  2. Eugene- are you actually protesting a movie, that you have yet to see?

    That seems unfair, especially for someone who is an established reporter. It seems as though your angle is wrong, and you should know the appropriate details of what you are reporting on. It is disheartening that you would risk someone else’s reputation, as well as your own, for the sake of being hot-headed and quite frankly, a bit ignorant.

    Secondly, I do understand not wanting to bring a movie with material that you are uncomfortable with into your life, or exposing your children or family to it. That is perfectly acceptable, and it is indeed your prerogative. However, no one is saying you MUST go and see that movie, or that you must buy copies of ““Wild Things,” “The Crying Game,” “Boogie Nights” and the complete works of Harvey Keitel.” to burn. Truthfully, that seems a bit infantile.

    Your own personal issues with male nudity, or nudity in general are coming across as libel or slander rather than supported facts or rational opinions. Just because other directors have put nudity in their films for nothing other than shock value, does not mean that “Leave you in Me” isn’t done tastefully and with meaning.

    I DID see “Leave you in me”. Twice in fact. I thought it was very tastefully shot. The nudity isn’t grotesque, and does not come across as unnecessary. After the first minute, you forget they aren’t wearing clothes. If you do not get that from this movie, then you are just going through the motions of “watching” a movie and not actually “seeing” it for what it is. If that is the case – I would highly recommend that you focus your efforts on protesting more relevant issues rather than an independent film with some natural forms of the human body in it.

    I realize that you may watch it, and it might not be your cup of tea – but at least play the game by the rules and see it before you critique, and who knows you might get the added bonus of actually empathizing with these characters and their raw emotions, and their vulnerable state which is embellished by their nudity and natural state of being.
    Also, for your reference – Deerfield Productions is no longer in business, and it hasn’t been for quite a while.

  3. Of course I’m protesting the movie without seeing it.
    Is there any other way to protest a movie?
    I mean, c’mon!
    Unfortunately, my plan to burn the complete works of Harvey Keitel didn’t work out. The fire marshal mentioned something about a “burn permit,” and a”mandatory one-year sentence.”
    I’m not 100 percent sure what he was talking about.
    Anyway, all I could do was scream “Runaway, runaway!” outside the theater, a la “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”
    Maybe they’ll show the film again next year?

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