Who grunted?

As a rule, reporters get no love. So I was happy to have my moment in the sun when Tom Carruthers of the CT Film Festival pointed me out at today’s film festival press conference.

Except when I came back to the newsroom and clearly heard someone let out a rolling of the eyes “Ugh” right after my name was mentioned.

What’s up with that? See for yourself through the magic of YouTube:


3 thoughts on “Who grunted?

  1. I mean, really, there’s no question here Eugene. Any resident of Danbury would be able to identify that “Ugh.” The voice is unmistakeable. It could belong to only one man: Mayor Mark D. Boughton.

    I’m sure we’ll see a prompt apology soon on http://mayormarksblog.blogspot.com/. Or at least on his Twitter.

  2. Yes, it was I. I confess, I grunted. I am tired of Eugene (and Keith) getting all of the recognition. I will see you two at the show. Have a good weekend.

    All The Best,
    Mayor Mark

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