A find!  A real find!

First, a clip:


“Duckpin” is a 42-minute documentary about duckpin bowling and the characters who, despite the odds, keep the game alive.

Connecticut, it turns out, played a huge part in the game’s development — and much of the movie takes place at Woodlawn Duckpin Bowling in West Haven.

While a movie about the history of duckpin bowling sounds like a soozefest — heck, I’ve never even played the game — the movie is pitch perfect . . . and, at times, very funny.

The interview subjects, mostly old timers, are comfortable in front of the camera and their stories of “duckpin days gone by” quickly reel you in.

The movie skips along at a good pace, packing a ton of information into just 42 minutes. You get the game’s history, a profile of its greatest player — even a segment about the 1940s-era machine that replaces the pins.

This is a great, breezy little documentary. It is well-told and very much worth seeing.

WHEN AND WHERE: Friday, 1 p.m., Palace Theater on Main Street and Saturday, May 24, 3:30 p.m. at Danbury Public Library at 170 Main St.

(This is very much a Connecticut movie. Scenes were filmed in Cheshire, Hamden, Mansfield, Stratford, Torrington, West Haven and Winstead. I’d love to see it in the rotation at Connecticut Public Television. Perhaps it could take up some of the slots reserved for often repeated “Flood of ’55” doc?) 

(The movie is available for purchase here)

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