Cool Koonz column

Brian Koonz has a solid column today where Danbury old timers share some memories about The Palace.

Margaret Caravakis, 86, has lived in Danbury most of her life. As a little girl, she used to pay 10 cents to watch Hollywood come to life at The Palace.

“I went to South Street School. We used to live where the CVS is now by Rogers Park,” Caravakis said. “My father (Themistocles Sarantides) had a store at 253 Main St., just down the street from the Palace. He made his own candy and ice cream.

“I haven’t been in The Palace for a long time, but I still remember how beautiful it was,” she added. “Even the seat cushions were softer than anything you ever sat on.”

The Palace and the CT Film Festival’s Danbury appearance got some attention from the Courant today, too.

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