Tom Sizemore

Just a few minutes before “Flyboys” screened Tuesday at the Palace, I had the chance to throw a few questions at Rocco DeVilliers, the movie’s director.

I felt a bit tabloid-ish, but I had to ask him about Tom Sizemore, the great (but waaaaay troubled) character actor from “Heat,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Black Hawk Down” and “Natural Born Killers.”

Here’s Sizemore’s coolest celluloid moment:


For Sizemore’s least coolest moments, get your hands on a copy of VH-1’s “Shooting Sizemore,” the reality show that documented Sizemore’s half-hearted attempt to get sober.

Here’s a word-by-word transript of my quick conversation with DeVilliers.

ME: “I love Tom Sizemore, I think he’s great. ‘Heat,’ freakin’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ how was he on the set to work with? He’s a guy obviously, that’s gotta public reputation.”

DeVilliers:  “Tom was wonderful. Tom’s a really sweet guy and he’s extremely professional. Despite some of the things going on in the news and in his personal life at the time, when we were shooting Tom was completely focuses, completely professional and just great to work with.”

Here’s a jail house interview with Sizemore from The Bakersfield Californian.


“The FlyBoys,” by the way, screens again 2 p.m. Saturday at Ives Concert Hall on WestConn’s White Street campus.

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