Brookfield kid rocks out with guy from ‘Yes’

yesdoc3.jpg I saw “Long Distance Runaround,” a documentary/video journal of Brookfield’s Dan Bailey and Simsbury’s Tim Comer’s adventure on a “School of Rock” tour with Jon Anderson, the lead singer from “Yes.”

The doc, which screened last night at the Heirloom Arts Theater, is very, very funny, as the two recent Fairfield University graduates try to adjust to Anderson’s loveable, yet wacky, personality.

Bailey and Comer are huge “Yes” fans, which is suprising, given their age.

The doc came about after the guy who runs Anderson’s Web site came across the following video Bailey and Comer posted on Youtube (warning: there are four bad words):




Here’s an interview I did with the boys last night in the alley outside the Heirloom.




I’ll leave it to Ethan Fry to explain Fairfield University’s unhealthy obsession with prog rock.

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