My train wreck interview with the ‘Americanizing Shelley’ star


Look, it has been a long two weeks.

Last week it was cover the City Hall beat, file stories, go home, watch CT Film Fest movies to review for this blog, then write the reviews.

This week it was shoot tons of video, constantly update this blog, edit tons of video and write a story a day for the paper (plus those EVIL “what’s playing today” boxes in print).

When Alisa Gaudiosi (she’s doing PR for the CT Film Festival) contacted me last week about interviewing Namrata Singh Gujral (in the red), I was like “Sure.”

I scribbled it down on a piece of paper and tucked it away. Looking back, I should have either passed or pointed her to another reporter — I’ve been a little pressed for time this week.

I did the interview today and, yes, it was a train wreck.

Namrata arrived a little late and then said she wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t slept in 36 hours thanks to a hectic schedule.

I didn’t tell her I was on about four hours sleep myself and that I was stuck the night before in the audience of the GOD-AWFUL pretentious comedy “Beverages,” which, in full disclosure, was a HUGE hit with the rest of the audience at the Heirloom Arts Theater.

It was 2 p.m. and Alisa explained that Namrata had another engagement at 3 p.m. — the precise time we scheduled veteran News-Times photo boss Dave Harple to show up (Alisa, I’m sure, has been running around like a mad person, just like everyone else putting on this week’s film festival).

Namrata’s other engagement was with The Newtown Bee, a paper that publishes every Friday.

Today is Friday, so I’m assuming the Bee reporter will have 144 hours to file the story, but I called Harple anyway and asked if he could come early — which never makes Harple happy.

Then Alisa said that since Namrata was under the weather, they wanted to do the interview outside.

I explained that wasn’t possible, because Online Editor Keith Whamond and I wanted to try streaming the interview live on the Web (yes, it was a grainy and dark video, but we’re experimenting, people!).

Namrata said inside was fine and we started the interview.

Here are the highlights, which are quite funny — AT MY (I DID NO RESEARCH) EXPENSE!


Thanks to Namrata for having a good sense of humor.

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