CT FILM FEST: Saturday Workshops!

Working With the CT State Tax Credit – Panel Discussion

 Saturday, May 24th11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Danbury Women’s Center 

A must for producers considering any kind of a shoot in Connecticut, which has the most generous tax incentive of the 47 states that offer them. Our State Representatives from the Hollywood East Task Force will explain the history of the program and the Connecticut Film Division will detail the process.  You’ll learn even the how-tos of keeping records to meet the auditing requirements to get your tax credit from auditors who have worked with films that have received the credit. Ask all of your questions in the Q&A . Even low-budget films can qualify, so come to this panel workshop find out what you can save in Connecticut!

Creative Aspects to Working in HD ( for Producers, Directors, DPs) 

Saturday, May 24th11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Danbury Public Library High definition filmmaking is here to stay, so now it’s time to decide whether you want it for your project.  Producers often look high-definition video as a way of reducing the costs on film, but directors and cinematographers find there is a list of pros and cons to be weighed in each shooting situation before making a decision that has such a significant impact on successfully achieving your film goals.  A mixed panel of producers, directors, and DPs will discuss their experiences with film vs. high def, and answer questions from the audience. 

Financing Film Projects – Incentives, Equity, and International Coproductions

 Saturday, May 24th4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Danbury Women’s Center How do you find it? How much do you (really) need? And who do you talk to? These questions will be addressed by producers and financial consultants who have gotten films to the screen. They will discuss the many types of financing available to producers and how they each work, including straight production financing, coproductions, equity financing, bank loans, and negative pickup deals. You’ll hear about the range of tax incentive programs, and the new realm of international coproduction deals that could make your film a reality. The panel members will explain what level of detail your budget needs to be taken seriously by a financier, how to “package” a film to make it attractive to investors, and the little tricks successful producers use to make their projects stand out above the rest. You’ll also hear about “Slate Financing” concepts for getting funding for multiple projects.  

Viral Marketing – Web 2.0 Indie Film Marketing on a Shoe String Saturday, May 24th11:00 AM – 12:30 PM St. James Episcopal Church, Danbury   Easy access to the world via internet has opened the global market to even the lowest-budget films—all it takes is a little savvy, and a lot of patience and work.  A panel of producers who have used viral internet marketing for their films, and experts in the creation and placement of internet streaming video will cover topics like:        –  Establishing a web presence            – Great Websites for Film      – Facebook Fan Pages      – MySpace Film Pages      – Using IMDb links 

Finding Music for Your Film:  Original Scoring and Music Supervision Saturday, May 24th4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

St. James Episcopal Church, Danbury  

Few films can be considered complete without music, and most films today rely heavily on a unique and well-integrated soundtrack.  Whether you’re looking for original composers to score your film, or you want pull together a nifty track of published music, this seminar is for you.  A mixed panel of professionals from both the music and film industries will discuss the process of scoring vs. selecting existing cover music, and how to integrate it into your film. Then you’ll learn about the complex legal issues of publishing and performing rights, and how to get the best deal for your project. 

New Techniques in Cinematography: Master Class with Christo Barakov Saturday, May 24th1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Danbury Women’s Center  Christo Barakov, this year’s recipient of the Connecticut Film Festival Award For Artistic Excellence In Cinematography, will conduct this special seminar that speaks to today’s real-world shooting situations: get it fast, and make every shot count.  Shorter shooting schedules and advances in camera technology, including the transition from film to high definition video, and particularly the use of the new Red One camera, all make the job of the cinematographer a continuing challenge. Christo will show you how to produce high-quality images under all kinds of conditions.  

On Directing Actors: Creative Collaborations Saturday, May 24th2:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Danbury Women’s Center The director is responsible for the overall vision of the film, and needs to convey his or her unique concepts to individual actors with different backgrounds and training. A panel of directors and actors discuss what really helps each actor find the performance the film needs, and how to balance each scene to create a consistently strong narrative.  They’ll discuss staging for the camera, and multi-camera shoots, and talk about effective techniques for rehearsing actors.

Red One Camera Workshop

 Saturday, May 24th1:00 PM – 2:30 PMDanbury Public Library The “Red One” camera is the latest technology designed specifically to expand shooting options in high definition video, while achieving visuals that can match 35 mm. in nearly all shooting conditions, at a much lower cost. This is a new modular system designed to be easily upgraded as new developments come along. Only a handful of cinematographers have developed experience working with these state-of-the art cameras. Cinematographer Adrian Correia takes you through the basics of this new technology, and talks about how to explore the possibilities it can produce for your shoot. He’ll show lighting techniques and discuss the positioning options that can open the range of your shooting options. And he’ll show you how, as directors, producers, and DPs, to plan for this expanded universe of possibilities and create a visual for your film that is truly stellar.  

Documentary Panel – Making Documentaries Happen, From Concept to Screen Saturday, May 24th2:45 PM – 4:15 PM

St. James Episcopal Church, Danbury Digital filmmaking is largely responsible for the explosion in documentary filmmaking, as anyone with a digital camera and a computer can assemble a film today.  At the same time, audiences are embracing documentaries in all distribution windows, making it a big business. It takes a lot of planning, careful attention to concept, and a solid budget to support that concept that ultimately results in a documentary with the broad box office appeal of “March of the Penguins.”  A panel of award-winning documentarians talk about their process, strategy and how they find their stories. They also explore new distribution models for documentaries, and ways to effectively market your film to achieve distribution.

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