UFC Fighter Dan Cramer


Had the chance Thursday to interview Dan Cramer, the 22-year-old Bethel dude who was one of 16 guys on this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter.”

I’ve been a UFC fan since the early 90s, when watching UFC tapes on VHS was as close you could come to watching a snuff film.

The sport has changed since those days, evolving . . . well, into a sport.

I grew up watching boxing with my brothers and father in the days when boxing was an event —  Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Ray Mancini. Boxing started to sharply decline after Tyson lost his title to Buster Douglas and then went nuts.

 Anyway, Cramer, who hasn’t received a lot of air time on this year’s “Ultimate Fighter” because he doesn’t trash talk or make anti-Semetic remarks like fellow “Ultimate Fighter” fighter Jeremy May.

Here’s a quick interview with Cramer:


Among the things Cramer talked about which won’t make my article:

1. Jeremy May is as unlikeable off camera as he is on camera

2. Although he was eliminated this week, Cramer will fight for the UFC. He apparently had an upcoming fight, but broke his collar bone while training in Florida about three weeks ago.

3. His biggest challenge is learning how to pace himself. He said that on his two “Ultimate Fighter” bouts (not counting the fight to get into the house), he let adrenaline get the best of him, which caused him to gas out early.

4. Both Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson are down to earth, as is Chuck Liddell, who Cramer met a few years ago.

5. Kimbo Slice wouldn’t last a minute in the UFC if he entered the octagon tomorrow.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Cramer in action:


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