Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies


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Richard Christy, the sometimes repulsive, always funny staffer from “The Howard Stern Show,” co-stars in “Albino Farm,” a new horror film starring former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho.

Christy (who used to live in a self-storage room, but now has a sweet apartment), was nice enough to answer some questions HCB (uh, this blog) threw at him earlier this month.

For those not familiar with Christy (pictured above wearing Halloween zombie make-up applied by gore guys Pete Gerner and Brian Spears), he’s an accomplished drummer, a horror movie aficionado and a guy who isn’t afraid to wear adult diapers to get a laugh.

Christy is appearing later this month in Jersey at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors to promote “Albino Farm.” He plays one of several mutants terrorizing a bunch of teens deep in the woods of Missouri. He will be part of an “Albino Farm” panel Friday, June 20. The movie screens at Fango Saturday, June 21. 


HCB: There’s a gun to your head. You have to choose between “Halloween” and “The Big Lebowski.” Which one and why?

Richard: “That’s one of the toughest questions ever! I would have to say ‘Halloween’ because I saw it when I was very young and I watch it about 10-15 times a year every year. It was a huge influence on my love for horror and it’s also one of the big reasons that I love the Halloween holiday so much too. The music in ‘Halloween’ is also my favorite music ever. John Carpenter is a true genius.”

HCB: Every 16-year-old drummer is taught to worship at the alter of (Rush drummer) Neal Peart. Is the whole “Neal Peart is a drumming God” BS or what?

Richard: “I totally agree that Neil is a drumming God, I saw Rush live last year and they sounded amazing. Neil’s drum solo was incredible and I’m sure that more than any other rock drummer, Neil is responsible for countless young drummers picking up the sticks and playing the drums.”

HCB: described “Albino Farm” as “WRONG TURN” straddling “DELIVERANCE” while humping “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.” You play Caleb. Describe your character and what attracted you to the script.

Richard: “I don’t wanna give anything away, I’ll just say my character is very creepy and disturbing, and was a lot of fun to play! I’m a huge horror fan so I instantly wanted to be involved in this movie when (director) Sean McEwan contacted me. When I found out that it was based on the Albino Farm legend of Springfield, Missouri I was super excited because I lived in Springfield for three years and made many late night trips with my buddies to visit the real Albino Farm outside of Springfield, which is ultra creepy in real life!”

HCB: “Night of the Living Dead” director George Romero is headlining this year’s Fango con. If you run into Romero, what are you going to say?

Richard: “I’m going to ask him if he remembers drinking Scotch with my buddy and I in 2000 at a screening for Halloween in Hollywood. He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. My buddy and I were waiting outside of a private pre party for a cast and crew screening of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween,’ we tried to get in because there were tons of horror celebrities there including Bruce Campbell and Jamie Lee Curtis but the security wouldn’t let us in without an invite. George Romero walks out of the party and stands next to us on the sidewalk and starts talking to us, it was so cool! He then asked if we were going into the party and we told him that security wouldn’t let us in because we weren’t invited so George walked us in! We all walked right to the bar and my buddy and I drank a Scotch with George and talked to him for a while, it was a horror fans dream come true!”

HCB: Do you have an estimate as to how much beer you’ll ingest between the “Albino Farm” panel Friday and the “Albino Farm” screening Saturday?

Richard: “Haha! Well, since I’m part of the panel I’ll technically be working so I’ll be doing the responsible thing and not drinking during my appearance. If there are parties at night though, I’m sure I’ll have a few drinks with friends and fans! I’m not as wild as I’m made out to be!”

HCB: Assuming Howard rides into the sunset after his contract with Sirius expires, are your plans to pursue more acting, stay in radio or continue writing comedy?

Richard: “Hopefully we’ll still be having a blast here at Sirius for many more years because this is the ultimate job and I can’t even describe how much I love it! If Howard does retire though, I love every form of entertainment and would love to be involved in everything I can. I still love to play drums so I would like to be involved in music, I love doing standup comedy, I love writing comedy, I love writing horror, I love acting, so anything involved in those things would make me very happy. It’s definitely gonna be hard finding a job as fun as this once Howard retires.”




9 thoughts on “Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies

  1. HCB
    thank you for the plug
    having met Richard, he’s the nicest guy you could meet
    I look forward to his panel at the FANGO CON- it’s great to see a horror fan in a horror flick
    bye for now

  2. I purchased it 1986, when I was 12, then realized how weak it was COMPARED TO THE KICK-BUTT EVILNESS THAT IS BLACK SABBATH

  3. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  4. Richard is the man! He is the funniest person on the show, IMHO. Artie can’t complete a sentence because his brain is fried. robin is useless. Benjy doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned. So that leaves Richard. Heeyyy.

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