Wes Craven in Kent (or New Milford?)

Brian Spears e-mailed me this morning with this little ditty posted on Dread Central.

As we reported last month, Wes “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Craven and his crew have been in the area filming “25/8,” a new horror movie Craven is directing.

I talked to a guy on the production while the movie was filming in Danbury last month and he said:

The crew had been scheduled to shoot in the woods of Kent, but decided to film inside the Danbury house because of Friday’s driving rain storm.

While the Kent shooting involved car crashed and spilled blood, Hollywood gore wasn’t planned for the Danbury shoot . . . 

Car crash indeed!

Some enterprising videographer managed to snag video of the movie shoot.

(Hey Kent/New Milford readers . . . where precisely do these scenes take place?  Answered in the comment section )

Here are the vids (warning: there is some questionable nouns uttered by the camera operator which would probably get the videos a PG-13 rating):




NOTE: I sent the YouTube shooter a message asking for more info so I can credit he or she. Update: The videos were shot by a kid named Brandon from Kent. Nice work, Brandon!

5 thoughts on “Wes Craven in Kent (or New Milford?)

  1. This is just north of Bulls Bridge in Kent. The dirt road you see across the river from RT 7 is Schaghticoke Rd. This fun little drive along the water will lead you past the Schaghticoke reservation land to the Kent School (did you know that Seth MacFarlane went there?).

  2. I only recently learned that “The Family Guy” creator was that local (I actually lost a bet, because I thought he was from Willamantic or one of the thousands “Havens” in CT).

    Thanks for identifying the spot!

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