NT Shout Out on Howard Stern


 Hey my interview with Richard Christy of “The Howard Stern Show” received a mention today from the Howard 100 news team on Sirius.

I just listened to it (Lisa G read it) and this blurb was posted on Stern’s Web site.

Richard Christy lands in the pages of The News Times of Connecticut, where he talks about his role in the upcoming horror film “Albino Farm.” The film is based on the legend of albinos living in Springfield, Missouri, the city where Richard lived for 3 years and often visited the alleged site of the Albino Farm. Richard will be appearing at the Fangoria convention in New Jersey later this month to promote the film.

OK, technically it wasn’t in the pages of the NT — it was on this here blog.

Nevertheless, the mention resulted in six gazillion and a half page views for this blog today.

I’m retiring.

Peace out!

(Note: The photo above shows eight members of the Howard 100 news team. It has been whittled to three, naturally)

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