Five Geeks at Fango

Two more horror movie geeks joined me at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, happening this weekend at the Crowne Plaza near Giants Stadium, bringing our total number to five.

Just got back from a preview of a whole bunch o’ horror films during a Fango segment hosted by Michael Gingold.

People are psyched for “The X Files” and “Hellboy 2.”

Fango editor Tony Timpone broke some genre-related news this afternoon.

He read a letter from noted horror scribe Clive Barker, who is serving as executive producer on “Midnight Meat Train,” a movie based on a short story from Barker’s classic “Books of Blood” anthology.

Barker is in a war with Lionsgate. He’s accusing the company of “dumping” the film onto DVD, when it deserves a wide theatrical release. 

He’s urging people to contact an executive at Lionsgate he holds responsible for the movie’s problems.

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