Someone Finally Calls Out Boondock Saints

Thank the Lord for The AV Club.

The site is running a series of modern cult movies — and looking at whether the films in question really deserve the rabid following they enjoy.

First up — “Boondock Saints,”a flick folks a few years younger than me mention in the same breath alongside “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction.”

I’ve never been able to sit through the entire movie, as I found it nothing more than one of  a million tough-guy crime knock-offs that came out after “Pulp Fiction.”

Finally, someone calls BS on this overrated dreck. Here are some grafs from The AV Club’s Scott Tobias:

It’s all very stylish and badass until you realize, within a few minutes, what you’re watching: Martin Scorsese, as re-imagined by a vulgar, precocious, ADD-afflicted 13-year-old boy.


I never thought I’d say something like this, but The Boondock Saints is a movie for people who think Tarantino is too cerebral.


The problem with The Boondock Saints is that there’s nothing behind the style but faint gestures toward profundity.

Right on!

Tobias’ piece also includes a write-up of “Overnight,” a documentary about the overnight rise — and stunningly quick fall — of Troy Duffy, Boondock’s writer/director (and a Hartford native, I just found out).

I haven’t been able to get my hands on the documentary, but it supposedly shows Duffy’s abusive, ego-inflated temperment quickly made him a Hollywood untouchable.

He allegedly didn’t see a dime off “Boondock Saints,” which became a cult film after hitting video store shelves — and, according to his IMDB listing, he hasn’t been able to get a job on a Hollywood flick since, although there has been talk of a “Boondock” sequel for years.

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