Ryan Reynolds Is So Boss


Came across a blurb in The Ridgefield Press saying “All Good Things,” the movie I was briefly at war with, filmed earlier this month on Main Street in Ridgefield.


“All Good Things” also filmed in New Milford and Waterbury. Gosling (I have “Lars and the Real Girl” sitting on my TV right now, but . . . I dunno, do I really want to see it?) stars in “All Good Things” with Kirsten Dunst.

Last month or so I (using info from two other Web sites, including the CT Film Division) incorrectly said the movie is based on the Durst saga, which prompted a flurry of phone calls from the movie’s publicist.

The RP (can I can the Ridgefield Press “RP?” That’s cool, right?) describes the film as:

Produced by Michael London’s Groundswell Productions and directed by Andrew Jarecki, All Good Things is a murder mystery, set in the 1980s.

Ms. Dunst, who is best known as the heroine in the Spider-Man series, will play a beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks who gets involved with the scion of a New York real estate dynasty.

Andrew Jareki, by the way, directed “Capturing the Friedmans,” the devastaing 2003 documentary about Long Island father and son accused of molesting kids. Jareki is also the cofounder of MovieFone. Is that still around?



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