Diggers Stalk James Bond

I don’t quite get Digg.

If your submission makes it to Digg’s front page, your page views become legendary.

This morning the trailer for “Quantum of Solace,” the latest James Bond flick starring Daniel Craig, is featured on the front with an astonishing 3,414 Diggs — and 352 comments!

Here’s the trailer:


Digg faithful are that excited for a new 007 picture?

It’s the freakin’, I dunno, 42nd Bond movie?

Who the hay lines up to see a new James Bond movie these days?

“Oh, Daniel Craig is the new edgy Bond,” you say. 

Please, save that line for the tourists, because the buzz machine said the same thing 20 years ago when Timothy Dalton stripped off his green latex from “Flash Gordon” to appear in the craptastic “Living Daylights.”

I swallowed the bait and saw that borefest in the theater.

Yes, Daniel Craig frowns a little more — but that’s only because the producers read box office receipts from the “Bourne” movies.

I caught the end of (what I think was) “Goldeneye” starring Pierce Brosnan on TBS or TNT or Spike last night.

The bad guy fell 110 stories, hit the ground with a thud, but lived to see Pierce jump from a green screen background onto a fake helicopter. Seriously, it looked like Harry Harryhausen did the effect.

The only good thing about Bond movies these days are the video games they spawn, which I suppose is why game-obsessed Diggers are so excited about the latest (PG-13) shoot ’em up.

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