Why did Kenneth Keith Die?


PhillyMag.com has a long piece today  about the last days of Howard Stern wackpacker Kenneth Keith Kallenbach.

Kenneth Keith first gained infamy during an appearance on Stern’s old WWOR show, where he tried to blow smoke out of his eyes.

It was bizarre television before television went completely bizarre and Kenneth Keith’s earnest, real-life Jeff Spicoli vibe won over tons of fans.

However, he suffered from cystic fibrosis, a fact he shielded from the show and from fans.

Kenneth Keith was in jail at the time of his death, being held on charges that he tried to attack a 16-year-old girl. Kenneth Keith’s family alleges correction officers and medical staff allowed Kenneth Keith to die by not properly treating his medical condition.

From the article:

As he was leading Ken across the lawn, Ken would later tell his mother, an officer muttered, “Let’s see if Howard Stern can get you out of this one.”

2 thoughts on “Why did Kenneth Keith Die?

  1. he was never a stern wack-pack member. he was just an idiot caller desperate for attention who managed to get on the show a few times 15 years ago. he had nothing to offer and faded away. then, he was so desperate to get back on the show that he had to cut off his hair & eat it just to get another appearence – and that was well over 10 years ago. he was nothing but a no-talent, 39 year old drug addict, wanna-be, still living with his mother.

    this is way more press than this moron nobody deserves.

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