Baba Booey Disses A Soldier?


A bunch of Howard Stern-related folks ventured to Afghanistan this week to entertain the troops.

They included Artie Lange, Jimmy Florentine, the great Dave Atell and longtime Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, who lives in cozy Greenwich, CT.

There’s a story circulating the ol’ Internet today from a soldier named Stephens who hung with the comedians. I can’t vouch for the story’s authenticity, as I caught wind of it on the Stern Fan Network, which ain’t exactly CNN.

However, the SFN thread had plenty o’ pictures (such as the one above with killer stand-up Nick DiPaolo, the soldier and Baba Booey himself) which lends the story some authority.

 Anyway, the story goes that the soldier got some face time with the Stern crew. He apparently brought with him a book he just received in the mail by stand-up comic Jim Norton, who is essentially a co-host on Opie and Anthony, a talk show on XM radio that positions itself as Stern’s rival even though no one you know listens to it.

The soldier decided to ask the Stern crew to sign the book, and Boy Gary ALLEGEDLY REFUSED.

According to the post:

“They finished siging and i asked the guys to sign my Jim Norton book. I know it seems wrong, but i figured they are alll comedians and Jim was in the book and damn it, i felt it would be cool to have. Unfortunately, my fears were realized when Gary said something to the effect of signing something for Opie and Anthony. It was uncomfortable and maybe I am not aware of the autograph code of conduct. Common sense says i shouldnt have, but considering my access to things here, it was what i had.”


Way to tear down those Greenwich stereotypes, Fa Fa Flo Hi. 

5 thoughts on “Baba Booey Disses A Soldier?

  1. Gary is a dweeb anyway. He and Robin are the negatives of the Stern show, so quite frankly, this story does not surprise me in the least.

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