HCB(er) EXCLUSIVE: Plague Town

 (That means it’s important!) 

 What’s with this giant photo, you ask? 


 It’s the NYC premiere of “Plague Town,” 


Plague Town,” a new horror film from Dark Sky Films, had its U.S. premiere Thursday night at Cinema Village in New York City — and HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER WAS THERE! ! !

Pictured above is writer/director David Gregory with Brian Spears, of G&S Effects, who helped with some of the horror flick’s gore effects.

“Plague Town” was one of many movies filmed in Connecticut in 2007, thanks to the state’s film production tax credit.

Scenes were filmed in and around Hamden, along with some spooky locales up in Torrington and the northwest corner.

The cast and crew is dotted with CT talent.

The plot, according to the Dark Sky Web site:

The film tells the tale of a dysfunctional family’s vacation to the Irish countryside that encounters a village of diseased, deformed and decidedly homicidal residents.

It’s Gregory’s first foray into feature films, but he’s an established documentarian . . .


I’m a blogger, which means this post has to be about ME and my ULTRA-EXCLUSIVE NEWS YOU CAN’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE.

That’s right — after just three months on the ol’ Internet, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER was invited to a NYC movie premiere! ! !

Uh, unfortunately, I (actually, in the great blogger tradition of ego puffing, let’s make that) WE didn’t actually get to see “Plague Town.”

It was sold out, and the nervous theater manager didn’t want us standing in the back.

So while the movie screened I went to Union Square, ground zero of NYU student hipsters.

(What happened to the days when the East Village was an open-air market fueled by zombies, drag queens and pick pockets? Now they give out IPhones and ascots at the entrance to Union Square Park. Thankfully, one guy from Nigeria hit me up for a cigarette. He was, undoubtedly, a male prostitute.)

So, I can’t tell ya whether the movie’s any good . . . but when I wandered back to the theater at about 11, the departing audience seemed psyched.

Well, there you have it. EXCLUSIVE!

While I did not manage to get a seat in the theater, I did get photos of the cast and crew and added them to my Flickr stream.

4 thoughts on “HCB(er) EXCLUSIVE: Plague Town

  1. ok, so first I was like “WHOA am I jealous!” then I was like “Whoa! Bummer!” – I think living next to such a hubbub of activity would be very cool, but here in my podunk town of Augusta, all I am privy to is the Augusta National once a year, and quite frankly when you live with it almost your whole life, it becomes rather annoying. Plus I really don’t like golf.

    So, thanks for the “exclusive” even if it really wasn’t very exclusive.

  2. Actually I’m about 80 miles away from the city. Industrial accidents are about the only exciting thing that happens in the actual town where I reside.
    However, the “Plague Town” crew was cool. They had that great, “heck yeah, we made a movie” indie vibe. . .

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