NOTE: Hollywood Chainsaw Blogger (a non-gamer) respectively turns over this post to Glen Baisley, a total game geek who has been covering the E3 Media and Business Summit from . . . I dunno, his living room?

Take it away, Glen!

For some, a favorite pass time might be baseball or football with the most anticipated event being the Super Bowl or the World Series. No friends, not for me.

 The hallmark of geekdom has come once again and it’s 2 little letters with one whopping event – E3.

Yours truly has been glued to the TV since Day 1 live coverage began on the G4 channel yesterday.

Thankfully my laptop mobile card crapped out so I had a legit excuse to be working from home otherwise I would have been forced to DVR it. For video game fanatics this would have been the equivalent of TIVOing the World Series.

Here’s the skinny on what I think the top 5 coolest things were that were unveiled on Day one.

1.Microsoft’s new user interface for the XBOX 360
This will be available via a free download this Fall. The hot new interface rips off familiar menu option workflow that Apple has had on the Mac for some time. Rumor has it that Microsoft is yet to unveil there own motion controller to compete with the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii and that it would allow users to manipulate the menus on screen like we’ve see in movies like the Bourne Conspiracy.

2. XBOX Live Community Channel
Part of this update is the new Community Channel which will allow users to create their own personal avatars to reflect who they are or who they want to be. Gamers can interact with each other in community rooms and even share photos or movies via a streaming feed. Now there’s no reason for geeks to ever have a social life outside their computer rooms and living rooms. That brings us to number three.

3. Microsoft announced a partnership with NetFlix.

My buddies turned me on to NetFlix. It’s great. You never have to leave your house to rent a movie except to pick up the mail and drop it back off when doing viewing your DVD rental. Microsoft has taken this one step further. NetFlix subscribers will be able to stream certain titles on demand through their XBOX 360 at no additional charge. I can feel the pounds adding up right now. There goes my daily walks… to the mailbox.

3. Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2
I can’t get into these games but I know of many who have had actual parties where they jam together for hours on end. New wireless peripherals were showcased for Guitar Hero. Rockband 2 will include 84 tracks that are all original band recordings. Guns N’ Roses will debut their new track on Rockband 2 exclusively. Bob Dylan and AC DC will also join forces with Rockband 2.

4. New games unveiled
Footage for the highly anticipated Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 were shown. My favorite was Resident Evil 5. For the first time ever, the game will allow online co-op story play. One of the most interesting new games is You’re In the Movies which allows gamers to video themselves doing scripted events via the XBOX Live Vision camera. Users participate in improvisational skits and games and then these clips are instantly edited into short campy b-movies.

5. Nintendo
Nintendo announced a new add on for the Wii remote called WiiMotion Plus which will allows for more enhanced motion control. Thank God because there is no way any true gamer could possibly enjoy the current Wii remote with it’s utter lack of precision. I might actually try a racing game on the system now. You have to love Nintendo for fixing a weak design and shoving it down our throats as a new product enhancement.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Day two. Powerhouses Son and Nintendo debut their latest wares.

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