GEEK REPORT: E308, Day Three

Glen’s back!


E3 Day 3 is here.  The power trio (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) failed to really deliver any seriously mind blowing news over the first few days.  Many believe that there are cards yet to be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.  The remaining E3 days are all about the third party companies showcasing their latest software.

Despite being a crazed video game addict, fortunately, I still have somewhat of a life and had to leave my house and go to the city today.  Thank you to whoever created the DVR.  Here’s my 5 favorite picks that were featured on today’s G4 coverage of E3.

1. Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 will feature an open world on an island that is controlled by two warring factions.  You will play one faction against the other as you seek to topple them both and destroy a nefarious arms dealer called the Jackal.  The game looks great with it’s intensely interactive environments.  Use a flame thrower to start a fire and the next thing you know, half the jungle is on fire.  Very cool!

2. Dead Space

Zombies in space.  This looks like a cross between Resident Evil and John Carpenter’s The Thing.  The creatures, called Necromorphs, are morphed, reanimated dead humans.  In order to permanently destroy them, you have to blow off all of their limbs.  By the looks of things, the game promises to deliver tons of gore.

3. Left 4 Dead

More zombies!  These aren’t your Romero Zombies.   No, these are your fast moving 28 Days Later zombies and there’s tons of them.  The action looks to be fast and furious.  The demo featured online multiplay with hordes of zombies coming from every direction.

4. Resident Evil 5

The grand daddy of all zombie video games.  Set in Africa, Resident Evil 5 features an on-screen partner at all times in single or multi-player co-op mode that follows along on your adventures.  Yes, for the first time in a Resident Evil game, two players can play at the same time!  The co-op plays looks to be very inventive.  The demo showed one player fighting their way through a zombie stampede while the other play picked them off from a distance with a sniper rifle.

5. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC

While you won’t catch Superman ripping off Sub Zero’s head or frying him with his heat vision, you will see the Mortal Kombat crew performing some of their classic moves.  DC wouldn’t allow their characters to kill any of their opponents but that didn’t stop the game designers from giving the superheroes some vicious moves.  There are plenty of new moves and game modes in this latest incarnation as well as up close and personal combat that is triggered with certain moves.  The DC characters looked dead-on accurate from the comic books and the Mortal Kombat favorites all featured some incredible new detail.

Well, that’s it for today.  One more day of E3 to go and then we’ll have a recap at the end of this week.

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