JJ Abrams Fringe Review


“Fringe” cast photo

NOTE: Indie filmmaker, sometimes Fango.com reviewer and proud resident of Putnam Valley, N.Y., Glen Baisley once again pushes aside the author of this blog to deliver his EXCLUSIVE review of “Fringe,” the latest program from super-duper producer JJ Abrams.

How Glen got his hands on a copy of the show, I do not know.

On with the review . . .

I got a sneak peek at the pilot for the new J.J. Abrams show “Fringe” that will debut this Fall.  Abrams has been getting a lot of buzz lately not only for this show, but for his work on the upcoming Star Trek movie.
I’m a huge fan of “Alias” and “Lost” and I really liked “Cloverfield” so I’m probably biased.  “Fringe” has the action and espionage of “Alias,” the mystery and gut-wrenching plot twists of “Lost,” with a sprinkling of the “X-Files” to round out the show. 

Be warned, minor spoilers follow.
From the opening scene to the very last frame, the pilot had me on the edge of my seat.  The show opens with a flight from Hamburg being overrun by a deadly airborne virus that melts the skin off of its passengers. 

Agents Dunham (Anna Torv) and Scott (Mark Valley) are called in to investigate the crime scene at the airport where the plane has landed via autopilot.  Prior to this scene we learn that the two agents are lovers and are keeping it hush hush from the top brass played by “The Wire’s” Lance Reddick.
Upon further investigation, Scott is exposed to the base elements of the toxic viral compound.  This becomes the setup for the first episode wherein Dunham seeks to find a cure before time runs out. 

Time out for the trailer: 


In her quest for a cure, she turns to hospitalized mental patient and former scientist Dr. Bishop (John Noble) — but there’s a catch.  Bishop has been put away due to a shady experiment gone wrong that resulted in the death of a colleague 17 years before. 

In order to get him out, she enlists the aide of his son played by Joshua Jackson.
“Fringe” explores the consequences of when technology and science exceed mankind’s control.  It is a roller coaster ride with a brick wall of a twist ending waiting at the end to slam into.  I didn’t see it coming. 
I think “Fringe” will become another must-see TV event. 

Keep in mind Abrams has publicly stated that the version that I saw is not the version that will air.  I’m not sure what changes it will undergo between now and when it airs but so far the show is off to a wonderful start.



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