Guest blogger Glen returns for another dispatch from his couch on a massive videogame conference:

 Yesterday, E3 coverage on G4 ended on a high note with extensive coverage of some of the hottest new videogames coming fourth quarter 2008/early 2009.  

Here are my favorite picks:

1. Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge seems to borrow the concept from the King Kong videogame where gamers play entirely in a first person mode with no HUD.  Your character is able to effortlessly leap from building top to building top. Not a lot has been revealed about the story but the bright color schemes given to its environments definitely give the game a different look.

2. Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X and Tom Clancy’s End War

The Tom Clancy franchise departs from it’s typical squad based shooter fare and dives into a new direction with H.A.W.X., an air combat game and End War, a real time strategy game.  What’s interesting about End War is that the game is entirely voice command controllable.  I can’t even get my cell phone to recognize my voice.  I’ll believe this will work when I see it first hand.

3. Rise of the Argonaut

All I can say is it’s about time.  There’s been many knock off to the Jason and the Argonaut mythology but never one done with the stle and flair this game promises to deliver.  Player’s level increases are incurred by earning the favor of the Gods. One look at the epic battles in the game play footage and players will quickly realize that they will need to work pretty hard to do so.

4. Project Origin

This is a direct sequel to Monolith’s F.E.A.R.  The game promises to deliver more frenetic battles in Armageddon styled settings.

5. Spore

This is one of the most interesting looking games.  Spore allows players to oversee an entire universe.  You start out as a single celled organism fighting for dominance among the primordial ooze and earning enough DNA parts to unlock the Creature Creator.  This is where you can create your own species and its abilities.  You’ll evolve this species to the point of intelligence that it can begin space exploration.  Spore is from the creator of The Sims and looks to be going in a direction that no sim has gone before.

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