Glen’s 10 Second Summer Movie Recap




“Rarely is there a sequel that is so superior to the original that it becomes a landmark film.”

“Dare I say, that The Dark Knight mightalmost be a flawless film.”

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – “Pretty decent 3d but the movie sucked.”

HULK – “Entertaining.  Good but not great. Best version of the Hulk to date.”

CLOVERFIELD – “Great popcorn movie.  Extremely entertaining.” 

THE STRANGERS – “Very good B-movie.  The first movie to make me jump in the past few years.”

KUNG FU PANDA – “Highly overrated kids movie.”

MAMMA MIA – “I’m partial to musicals. Not something that I would have gone out on my way to see though.  Played like ABBA’s greatest hits.  Surprisingly clever though that they managed to jam just about every hit into the movie and build a story around it.  I think the vast majority that will like this will be yuppie couples.”

INDIANA JONES 4 – “Disappointment.”

4 thoughts on “Glen’s 10 Second Summer Movie Recap

  1. Totally disagree with your view on The Dark Knight and Journey.
    Totally agree on Hulk, Cloverfield, and Strangers

    Have not seen the other 3 but I am convinced KungFu Panda will be adorable, Mama Mia will be entertaining tho not great, and Indy 4 – well, I’m on the fence with that one.

    Just thought I’d share.

  2. thank you Petra- Finally some one said THE DARK KNIGHT is not that great of a film. I have not seen TDK, it may be a good flick but I am so sick of the hype. It’s a summer movie is it really the best film of the year so far- some of these critics need to start seeing better movies.

  3. I’m not surprised The Dark Knight is making so much cash, but I am surprised to hear people talking about it like it’s “There Will Be Blood.”

    Marketing movies has changed sooo drastically. Commercials and appearances on talk shows means nothing.

    Now it’s all about Internet buzz, making movie geeks feel special by leaking news, trailers and footage months before the movie comes out.

    I had the bank scene from Batman on my other blog months ago, and traffic went through the roof. Hmmm, what does a blogger do next? Post everything Batman-related, of course.

    Movie companies know bloggers are addicted to page views — and they manipulate the heck out of them.

    What else can explain the prior buzz to Cloverfield? The marketing campaign probably cost more than the movie. I liked the movie, but it is 100 percent forgetable.

    And yet I was constantly hearing about it WHILE IT WAS IN PRODUCTION.

    What bothers me is there are tons of amateur critics out there who can’t give an unbiased review because they are so caught up in the hype.

    I will now officially step down from my soap box.

  4. uh, does glen realize Mamma Mia was a Broadway show before it was a movie? I mean, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to how they fit ABBA songs into the movie.

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