Fango Loves Plague Town

“Plague Town,” the indie horror film shot in Connecticut’s northwest corner, got a great review by Mike Gingold on the Fango Web site.

Gingold says: 

As opposed to the chatty murderers—both young and old—overpopulating the genre these days, PLAGUE TOWN’s youthful antagonists are more effective for being silent, sporting prosthetics (by KNOCK KNOCK’s Tate Steinsiek, I SELL THE DEAD’s Brian Spears et al.) that are equally evocative in their simplicity. The FX artists provide gory moments as well that get under the viewer’s skin as surely as they get under that of the unfortunate victims.

“Plague Town” has a bunch of folks from the Torrington-area in the flick.

You might remember my post from the movie’s world premiere a few weeks back . .  .

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