Glen Doesn’t Like the X-Files

Indie filmmaker Glen Baisley has once again muscled his way onto my blog to share his thoughts with the masses.

Today it is “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” which has been hammered by both critics and geeks (although Richard Roeper gave it a positive review).

Here’s Glen:

It’s as bad as the reviews.  The climax is just ridiculous.  I tried to find something good in it.  Scully and Mulder are so far removed from the glory days of the X-Files that it’s just plain sad.  The movie glosses over the loss of their son but at the same time its apparent that Scully’s whole subplot to save a child from a terminal disease is, in part, due to this. 

Mulder has succumbed to self pity over his life’s work having been dismissed by the FBI.  By the movie’s end, nothing is really done to move these characters much further than when the movie started.


“The geeks turned on us!”

 This is more akin to Silence of the Lambs than to an X-Files plot.  It’s just a shame that it’s no where as smart.  After leaving the theater, I want to believe that Chris Carter will be smart enough to listen to the critics and not make another X-Files movie. 

For any new viewer out there who walked away completely disappointed by this film, go and NetFlix the first season of the television series and see what the X-Files is really all about.



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