Glen Reviews A Movie No One Wants To See

This morning guest-blogging machine Glen Baisley e-mailed me a review for “Lost Boys 2.”

Unfortunately, Glen is one of those children of the 80s who preferred the 1987 vampire flick “Lost Boys” starring the two Coreys over “Near Dark,” an infinitely better vampire flick released the same year.

That’s like favoring “Mobsters” over “Goodfellas,” or Sammy Hagar’s years in Van Halen over David Lee Roth.

For reasons I can’t quite fathom, Glen decided to waste 90 minutes watching “Lost Boys 2,” released straight to video 21 years after the first film.

Here is the trailer, followed by Glen’s review:


The only reason to watch this is for the same reason that people stop and watch a car accident – morbid curiosity.

I had heard that the movie would reunite Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander (The Frog brother who has never really worked since the original Lost Boys) so I was curious to see what story the writers churned out for them 20 years later.

Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers.

This movie is a bust. Newlander shows up for about 30 seconds after the credits and Haim is only found in 2 alternate endings. Feldman’s acting is so far over the top this time that it just doesn’t work. It’s a good thing Haim has no screen time because the two unused alternate endings reflect the state of his career.

The plot twist this time around finds an older sibling becoming a half vampire to save the younger sibling who is almost turned. Throughout the movie there are numerous nods to the original, including an impaling on a set of deer antlers.

This movie sucks. Pun intended. Fans of the original should completely forget this sequel exists. It you made the mistake of buying it, leave it out in the hot sun to melt and shrivel up like a vampire in the burning sun.





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