Movies You Might Have Missed

I was part of a sweet, class-action lawsuit against Netflix — AND MY FREE MONTH OF MOVIES JUST ARRIVED!

Woo hoo!

I’ve seen a bunch of movies that flew under the radar during their theatrical release.


This is one of those movies I added to the bottom of my Netflix queue, but everything else was “long wait.”

Pretty boy Ryan Gosling stars as Lars, a socially awkward (maybe he has Asperger’s?), painfully lonely dude who lives in an unattached garage on his brother’s property.

He orders a sex doll from the Internet and begins treating her not only as if she’s real — but as his soulmate.

Sounds totally freaky, right?

It’s not.

The movie has a distinct fairy-tale vibe and eventually the viewer, like the super-sweet townsfolk who populate the film, starts to pull for Lars and his plastic play thing.

(Note: they sleep in separate bedrooms)

Lars and the Real Girl” plays more like a Frank Capra fantasy then a bawdy art-house flick. It’s probably the ultimate chick flick (and a great date movie) as all the men are super-sensitive but sorta clueless, while all the women are brainy, compassionate and in charge.




Yes, the trailer makes it look like yet another variation on “Reservoir Dogs.”

It’s not. In fact, it probably has more in common with “Lars and the Real Girl.”

Colin Farrell plays a hit man whose last job didn’t go so well. He’s sent to Bruges with veteran killer Brendan Gleeson (“28 Days Later,” “Harry Potter”) to chill out while boss Ralph Fiennes figures out how to proceed.

Farrell’s character is a coke-snorting, violent-prone, yet guilt-wracked bundle of nerves — and a big kid.

It is, by far, the best performance of Farrell’s career.

Gleeson’s character, meanwhile, is a level-headed, mild-mannered middle-aged man who simply wants to take in the ancient city’s architecture.

Together, the odd duo is subtly hilarious.

Don’t be fooled, however. This is a supremely dark, often violent flick — with a doozy of a climax that will make you shield your eyes from the screen.

How strong are the performances in “In Bruges?”

Well, Ralph Fiennes comes across as a bone-chilling psychopath (and one of the best screen villians in a long time) . . . and this comes across in a scene where where Gleeson simply reads a letter from Fiennes’ character.



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