Once More With Feeling in Norwich

“Once More With Feeling,” an idie film starring indie film darlings Chazz “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” Palminteri, Linda “The Last Seduction” Fiorentino and Drea “The Sopranos” De Matteo, is filming this week in Norwich, according to an article in the Norwich Bulletin.

From the article:

“Filming for the movie “Once More with Feeling” is expected to cause traffic delays Wednesday afternoon on Interstate 395 and on Thursday afternoon along Route 12.”

The plot, according to a blurb on the Connecticut Film Division Web site:

“When a grandfather and respected psychiatrist grabs hold of a microphone, he can’t let go. When his daughter – a sarcastic, cell phone-abusing, stay-at-home mom, grabs hold of her love handles, she can’t let go. It takes three generations of Italian-Americans to set them straight, in this dramatic comedy about family, love, and chance encounters.”

The movie has been filming all over the state since mid-July.