Roger Moore Gives Tropic Thunder Rave Review

Roger Moore, one of the last film critics, gave a rave review to “Tropic Thunder,” a movie directed by Ben Stiller.

“This is the one they put on Ben Stiller’s tombstone.

This is the spectacular spectacle that he will be known for, the movie that all those years spoofing Hollywood, the industry he grew up in and the people who run it, were leading up to.

Tropic Thunder is Ben Stiller’s Apocalypse Now. After this, nobody will dare make another Vietnam War epic. After this, the sound of choppers, the slang and the POW camps will just be punch lines. After this, nobody will ever say ‘Tom Cruise has no sense of humor’.”


On a side note, when you search the Orlando Sentinel for “Tropic Thunder,” a bunch of random AP stories pop up ahead of Moore’s stuff.

That has to tick Moore off.

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