Heck Yeah, AC/DC!

In an era where teens proudly show off their “emo hair,”  it was more than a bit refreshing to read an article today about AC/DC, who are STILL ROCKIN’ IT LIKE IT’S 1980!!!!!!!


Great grafs from the article:

. . . AC/DC has become the most popular currently active rock band in the country, to judge by albums sold. Since 1991, when Nielsen SoundScan started tracking music sales, this Australian band has sold 26.4 million albums, second only to the Beatles, and more than the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. . .

. . . AC/DC’s commercial success flies in the face of conventional music industry wisdom. The band does not sell its music online and has never put out a greatest hits collection or allowed other musicians to sample its songs. At a time when most pop acts give fans the opportunity to have it their way by offering downloadable tracks and remixes, AC/DC gives listeners a different choice: its way or the highway. . .

. . . But AC/DC also has a reputation of being business savvy and a tendency of skipping an easy paycheck to preserve its long-term interests. The band has also been reluctant to license its music for advertising. . .

. . . The band makes no pretense to art, and its lyrics often contain what might be called single entendres. . .

. . . For this, and much else, Angus is unapologetic. “People say it’s juvenile music, but pardon me” — he speaks these last two words with exaggerated politeness — “I thought rock ’n’ roll was supposed to be juvenile. You sing what you know. What am I going to write about — Rembrandt?” . . .





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