Oliver Stone’s W.

Oliver Stone’s take on President Bush, “W.,” opens Oct. 17.

Commercials for the flick were plastered all over SPIKE TV, of all places, during last night’s “UFC 87” show.

The ads make Stone’s movie look like a (very funny) comedy, in the vein of Robert Altman’s “M*A*S*H,” or Barry Levinson’s “Wag the Dog,” as opposed to the hysterical, over-the-top wackiness that invaded Stone’s style during the 90s (“Natural Born Killers” doesn’t exactly hold up, does it?) — or the boring, bloated acid trips of “Nixon” or “JFK.”

Either Stone has his first good movie in a long time, or the marketing folks at Lionsgate really know how to cut a trailer:


EARLY REVIEWS: Variety says the movie has potential but “feels like a rough draft” (it was filmed in 46 days, according to the NY Times. The Hollywood Reporter says the opening scene feels like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, as if that’s a bad thing.


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