Was This Year’s Flurry of Filming Just a Fad?

Interesting article in today’s NY Times looking at whether state tax credits for film production really does anything for the economy.

The last grafs of the article got my attention.

In any case, Nancy Cassis, another Republican who was the only Michigan senator to oppose the incentives when they began last spring, said she expected to see them capped with bipartisan backing later this year. And she does not look for Hollywood to hang around when the money dries up.

“These are not long-term jobs,” Ms. Cassis said. “If just one state offers more, they’ll be out of here before you can say ‘lickety-split.’ ”

A low-budget movie producer filming in Connecticut told me the same thing last spring. While the production enjoyed the money they saved in Connecticut, Michigan had just changed their incentives to make it slightly cheaper than Connecticut.

The producer said his next movie was filming in Michigan, even though his production company was based in NYC.

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