Quantum of Who Gives A . . .

Quantum of Solace, the second James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig is totally awesome, according to this review on Gizmodo that made it to the front of Digg.

Now, like most of the free world, I grew up on Bond movies. In the 80s, they were VHS staples when VCRs first hit shelves. The Sean Connery/Roger Moore action flicks were a rare breed — an action flick you could watch with the whole family.

My opinion — there’s been like 19,000 James Bond pics. How on Earth is anyone still getting excited for these movies?

You know the formula. You know the film is going to open with a big action set piece, introduce a lame villain with an evil plan you’ll forget 10 minutes after you leave the theater, followed by 83 minutes of white-washed action and a glimpse of a supermodel’s bare back.

The only thing that’s changed with new Bond Daniel Craig?

Lots of brooding, lots of homoerotic shots of Craig with his shirt off (plus that bizarro, guy-on-guy “Casino Royale” BDSM scene) and, oh yeah, and an ungodly running time of TWO HOURS AND 20 MINUTES.

(For Casino Royale, at least. “Quantum” is 106 minutes according to IMDB)

Still, dudes such as the Gizmodo reviewer are totally psyched for Bond, Part 49, even though the latest Bond flicks are, in reality, sequels to the successful “Bourne Identity” flicks (not that the Matt Damon flicks are any better, but the Bond producers obviously took a cue from the Bourne movies’ hyper-kinetic action and humor-free plots).

I suppose a new Bond flick is really for the fastest-growing segment of our population — the tech geek, a group that rapidly pushed aside the old Joe the Plumber crowd, who preferred their action heroes hopped up on steroids and wearing mullets (anything from the 80s.)

The Gizmodo review isn’t concerned with plot or how “Quantum” changes or fits into the Bond mold. It’s all about the laptops.

To start with, real multitouch makes a stellar appearance with a giant Microsoft-Surface-style table which Judi Dench—the head of MI6—and other agents use with ease, simultaneously. In fact, the user interface on the table—albeit adorned for the required Hollywood eye candy—actually makes sense and is extremely attractive, gestures included. Everything on it is doable with current technology, even the part in which they place a dollar bill and it gets automatically scanned and identified.


I dunno, I’ll take “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins” over the latest Bond flick any day.

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