Newspapers Feel Like The 1986 Red Sox

Is there anything more depressing at the moment right now than the constant stream of doom and gloom over the state of the newspaper industry?

OK, maybe I have a bias.

The Courant’s Rick Green is writing a column about the Journal Register Co.’s woes in Connecticut.

Green interviewed Steve Collins, a veteran reporter at The Bristol Press, a daily which may fold. I don’t know Steve, but I admire the guy, based on what I’ve read this evening on his blog.

I read veteran TV reporter Rick Hancock’s “constructive criticism” of my industry on his blog, even though it often makes me want to pull out my hair. I suspect Rick has somewhat of chip on his shoulder concerning newspapers after years of competing with some egomaniacal Courant reporters. 

And yes, sometimes my head spins when I look back over the last five or so years here at The News-Times.

I still say it is an exciting time to be in newspapers, because we still deliver local news better than any other outlet.

Local television news would be all Family Guy, all the time if not for Connecticut newspapers . . . blogs and local radio would be much, much more quiet without us.

That being said, today is one of those days where a reporter thinking about the future can’t help but feel like this:


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