Uw ga . . . I was just falling into the sewage, uh, I mean reader comment section of our Web site where I learned I wrote that a driver, apparently asleep at the wheel, drove into a “police of rocks.”

I was groggy as all get out when I wrote that story (and my two other cop briefs prior to  8 a.m.) after visiting the state PD, and it slipped through editing this morning.

The word should be “pile,” not police.

In the spirit of Jaime Kennedy’s “Heckled,” here are what our loyal online readers are saying about me:

“crashed into a police of rocks” next time Eugene have someone proof read your article before it is posted. 

does the news-times require any sort of formal education for their employees?

(Answer: Not really, I’m on work release)

An 8th grade education is all that is required and in this day and age, they can’t read or write properly.

(And that dude’s from Tennessee, for God’s sake!)

The man’s truck drifted off the road, crashed into a police of rocks, then came to rest in a ditch


(I believe the **** is Topix censoring “Eugene, you are a gifted and, I will assume, overworked writer. I would be honored if you called upon my daughter Gertrude, BUT WHAT IN THE @*&! IS A POLICE OF ROCKS)

Only one lowlife, from what I could see, tried to turn my embarrassing mistake into a cheap shot racist comment about illegal immigrants.

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