Reel Quick Reviews

Reel quick, get it?

“THE STRANGERS” Pretty sick, unrelenting horror movie about young couple terrorized by quiet people in creepy masks. I was surprised how disturbing it was. See it, if you’re into that sorta thing.

“WALL-E” Pretty sick, unrelenting Pixar crap about . . . Nah, I’m just yankin’ your chain. Wall-E is a heart-warming little flick about a cwute robot! Best Pixar stuff since “Toy Story.”

“TROPIC THUNDER” Very funny flick about oh-so-serious actors filming a “Platoon”-like all important war movie. Robert Downey, Jr. should get nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar.

“HECKLED” Jaime Kennedy, responsible for crap such as “Son of the Mask,” does a documentary showing how critics, especially amateur hack movie bloggers like me, hurt funny guys like him. I dunno. I liked “The Jaime Kennedy Experience.” After watching it, I was really able to tell the difference between him and Seth Green. But, I mean, come on Jaime, it wasn’t just the critics and adults who hated “Son of the Mask.” Still, this is a good documentary, with many funny scenes.

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