So this morning I finally saw the revamped “At the Movies,” the long-running Disney-produced show formerly hosted by Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, then Ebert and Richard Roeper after Siskel passed away.

It’s terrible. You should not watch it.

Luckily, most of the planet seems to agree with me, according to this article from the LA Times I saw posted on Roeper’s Facebook page.

Here is a taste:

Is Ben Lyons the most hated film critic in America? . . . 
“His integrity’s out the window. He has no taste,” said Erik Childress, vice president of the Chicago Film Critics Assn. “Everyone thinks he’s a joke.”

Lyons became infamous in film circles for calling Will Smith’s 2007 zombie-vampire movie “I Am Legend” “one of the greatest movies ever made.” That appraisal became a key part of the movie’s print advertising campaign.

And, later in the article:

“It’s like Johnny Carson being replaced by Dane Cook,” said Childress, who also writes a feature called “Ben Lyons Quote of the Week” on that deconstructs and ridicules Lyons’ critiques. “It’s going from the top echelon in the profession to the absolute lowest.”

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