Nick DiPaolo talks Stern, Opie and Anthony, Comedy Central

Here is my interview with Nick DiPaolo, who is appearing in Trumbull and Danbury this weekend. Click this here Web link for all the who where what when . . .

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By Eugene Driscoll | Staff Writer

Treehouse Comedy Productions is bringing stand-up comic Nick DiPaolo to Danbury and Trumbull.

DiPaolo is from the Boston area and first gained fame on Comedy Central’s old “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.”

DiPaolo, 46, a man not exactly known for his sensitivity, took a few minutes to talk about Artie Lange’s drug problem and how most entertainment outlets are run by left-wing fascists.

Question: You’ve appeared on rival radio programs “The Howard Stern Show” and “Opie and Anthony.” How does one show differ from the other?

Nick DiPaolo: “I really don’t think there is a rivalry anymore. It’s not a big deal to do both shows. With Opie and Anthony, they really make comics a part of the show. With Howard, you’re not there as long, about an hour, and he loves to pry. He loves to dig stuff out of people. It’s very loose. When you go there, you forget you are on the most successful radio program in history.”

Q: Have you tried to talk to (Howard Stern Show sidekick, fellow comedian and longtime friend) Artie Lange about his substance abuse problems?

DiPaolo: “I’ll call him and ask how he’s doing, but what I am I going to say? I’m the last guy who would want someone to tell me how to live my life. He’s chosen his own path. (Regarding comics,) I can’t have a drink with half these (expletive deleted). Colin Quinn has been clean and sober for like 30 years. Greg Giraldo battled demons. Jim Norton, too.”

Q: You’ve said you loved doing your morning radio show, which was on 92.3 FM in New York City before the station changed formats. Are you trying to get back on radio?

DiPaolo: “Yes, I am. I’m represented by (Howard Stern agent) Don Buchwald & Associates and they are trying to find a fit. They took me on about six months ago. Radio is run by college idiots in suits. I don’t know what they’re looking for. They in suits. I don’t know what they’re looking for. They don’t even know what they’re looking for.”

Q: Your stand-up material is not necessarily political, but you’ve gained some notoriety for your personal politics, which leans toward conservative Republican. Have your politics hurt your career?


DiPaolo: “It makes it harder. On my radio show, I had ‘MediaMatters’ keeping an eye on me. They’re a bunch of left-wing fascists. All the censorship now comes from the left. After about the third episode of ‘Tough Crowd,’ I got called out onto the carpet by Comedy Central. They lectured Colin Quinn. They said ‘Why don’t you leave the race stuff to (Dave) Chappelle?’ They turned their backs on me after that. There is a reason why Comedy Central has Stewart and Colbert on. Let’s just say that the people who run the business have different views than me.”

Q: Who were your comedic influences growing up?

DiPaolo: “In the ’70s, I loved Robert Klein. If you mean local guys, I worshipped Boston guys like Lenny Clarke. I liked Jay Leno. He’s a guy I watched on Letterman in the ’80s. He had the same accent as me. He was from the same place. Look up ‘Jay Leno and David Letterman’ on YouTube and watch some of the clips from about 1985. People forget how good Leno was. He was funny, sarcastic.”

Q: You voted for John McCain. . .

DiPaolo: “By default. I don’t even consider the guy a Republican.”

Q: Did Sarah Palin cost him the presidency?

DiPaolo: “I wouldn’t say she cost him the election. He was an old white guy. He really didn’t have a prayer, you know?”

Q: Do you watch cable news and all the political shows? Do you get bothered by the fact politics is now like watching sporting matches?

DiPaolo: “I love all that stuff. Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann. It is a sport. One team versus the other. On Sundays, I watch George Stephanopoulos, “Fox News Sunday,” “Meet the Press.” My generation, we’re very petty. There used to be Walter Cronkite. Now it’s a bunch of spoiled, baby boomers.”

Here is DiPaolo talking about his trip last year to Afghanistan with fellow comics Artie Lange, Jim Florentine and Connecticut’s own Baba Booey.



Nick DiPaolo will be appearing . . .

In Trumbull

Friday, Jan. 16 at Marisa’s Ristorante at 6540 Main St.

Showtime is 8:30 p.m.

Tickets are $19.50

For reservations, call (203) 459-4225.

In Danbury

Saturday, Jan. 17 at the New Sorrento at 32 Newtown Road.

Showtime is 9 p.m.

Tickets are $19.50

There is a pre-show buffet available for $13.95.

For reservations, call (203) 744-5575.

For more information on both shows, go to

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