Joan Rivers is the nicest woman on the planet

Joan Rivers appeared in New Milford Saturday at the Bank Street Book Nook to sign copies of her books “Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs” and “Murder at the Academy Awards.”

She was as sweet as could be, something I tried to convey in this article.

She was tireless Saturday, joking with fans and kvetching with her New Milford neighbors.

“She’s got a rotten mouth, that’s what I like about her,” one of Rivers’ older female friends said while waiting on line for an autograph.

A YouTube user named JimiHenbricks posted this video of the appearance.

I like how the 75-year-old Rivers jumps right in and moves a chair out of the way. An employee at the Book Nook later asked how Rivers is able to maintain such high energy.

“You never worked three shows a night in Vegas,” she said.


Her appearance created quite the buzz on Bank Street. Up the road at Sassy Shoe, owner Jeanne Street offered “The Joan Sale,” 10 percent off with a signed copy of a Rivers book.

Y105’s “Mr. Morning” and midday personality Dan Hopkins were there too, promoting the station by giving away free goodies.

(I am forever grateful to Mr. Morning for fetching me a Y105 pen after mine ran out of ink)

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