Joan Rivers Q & A

After Joan Rivers signed copies of her books in New Milford, she took time to answer questions from two reporters.

Here’s what I asked.

ME: How’s the book tour going?

JOAN RIVERS: “I’m having a good time. I love both books. Both books came out the way I wanted them to come out. That makes a big difference. I’ve written a couple of books. There was one book I wasn’t so thrilled about. You don’t like to say to people ‘This is a good book’ when you don’t believe it.”

<i> Here’s Joan explaining why she cursed out Russell Crowe on live television:</i>


ME: What happened with the book that went wrong?

JOAN: “It just didn’t work out. I didn’t like the editor. The editor didn’t like me. I thought the cover was stupid. With these books (“Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs” and “Murder at the Academy Awards”), it was a very positive experience.”

ME: How was Howard Stern’s wedding?

JOAN: “The wedding was beautiful. He’s so happy and she’s so happy. It sounds corny, but Jimmy Kimmel did the service. It was just wonderful.”

ME: What’s your best memory from doing red carpet interviews with your daughter, Melissa?

JOAN: We were doing interviews around the time of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” which Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, produced. Rita and I were talking into the camera and (Hanks) was so proud of her, and so thrilled that she was having her moment, that he went away, got us coffee and brought it back.”

ME: You’re on “Celebrity Apprentice” coming up. . .

JOAN: “It will be on March 1.”

ME: There’s a whole wild crew on there, Dennis Rodman . . .

JOAN: “It’s going to start OK, but it gets very vicious and tough. It’s a bloodbath.”

ME: Who was the most annoying?

JOAN: “I cannot tell you. I’m not allowed to tell you anything, but there’s one person that wears a cowboy hat that’s an (insert your curse word of choice here).

ME: With that I’ll end it. Thanks for taking the time.

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