Film folks fight Conn. tax cap

Members of the Connecticut Production Coalition testified in front of a state finance committee Feb. 23 to argue that capping a tax break for industry would drive film, television and multimedia companies out of the state.

Here’s a copy of the Coalition’s newsletter which made the rounds a day after the appearance in Hartford:

Thanks to an amazing and rapid response to our urgent call to action last week, more than 400 members of the ConnecticutProduction Coalition (CPC) gathered at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford yesterday morning to support Connecticut’s growingfilm, television and digital media industry.  It was an awesome show of positive support that made a real difference [example:  see theStamford Advocate’s article today].  It’s just the start of the work we have ahead to retain the production tax credit.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make this such a huge success!

Members of CPC testified before the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee in support of tax incentives that are helping to drive the expansion of the film, television and media industry in the state.  We also added hundreds of names to a petition, and each of the more than 400 participants visited their state senators and representatives with letters urging their support of the tax credit.  

Joining representatives from the industry were small business owners, labor union members and individuals from every area of the state who urged legislators to support the film, television and digital media tax credits which have resulted in nearly $1.5 billion in new economic activity in Connecticut.

It is clearly crunch time in our efforts to save the tax credit.  As a member of CPC, there are a few things you can do right now to make a difference:

1.    Build CPC:  Get others to join CPC because there is strength in numbers.  Send them to to sign up.

2.    Voice Support:  If you weren’t at the Capitol yesterday, email your Connecticut state legislator and send them the message at the end of this email.  If you don’t already know the names of your local state senator and representative, then visit the state’s websitewhich lists each town in alphabetical order.  Go to your town and then click on the corresponding House and Senate district numbers.  If you have multiple districts in your town and you aren’t sure which district number you live in, you can use the map that is provided, or the site allows you to click on a link ( to determine your district by your nine-digit zip code (and at that site you can click on a link to ascertain your nine-digit zip code if you don’t know it).  It’s really easy and takes just a couple of minutes, but email us at if you need help.  
3.    Tell Your Story:  Help us build the CPC Story Bank of our industry by sending us your own experience of what this tax credit means to you – the jobs it has created for your organization; additional revenue you’ve experienced; the property and payroll taxes your company pays because the tax credit is in place; anecdotal stories and evidence that the tax credit is working; and your plans for the future if the tax credit stays in place.  It’s these stories that bring a conceptual legislative debate to life for lawmakers weighing whether to keep the tax credit or not.  Please send your story to right now!

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