Public Enemies versus Inglourious Basterds

Trailer wars!

Ok, the Internet is abuzz with the fact Johnny Depp is making his first good movie in like, I dunno, 10 years?

He plays John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies.”

Here is the trailer, which dropped today, yo:


The “Public Enemies” trailer comes hot on the heels of “Inglourious Basterds,” the trailer for which dropped exclusively, as you all know, during a American Idol Live blog.


So we have Johnny Depp and Christian Bale versus Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino and  . . . freakin’ Eli Roth?!?!?!

Ugh, as much as I love Tarantino, “Public Enemies” looks even more manly man. That’s Brad Pitt’s only scene in “Basterds” and  . . . Eli Roth? Really? Eli Roth, action hero? I don’t even believe Eli Roth, actor.


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