Another Watchmen Autopsy

I like Nikki Finke because she’s not a blog fanboy. Here’s her take on the “Watchmen” (remember them?).

” . . . this is one of those rare times in Hollywood when the consensus complains that the director and the studio tried to stay too faithful to the source material in order not to offend the sensibilities of the fanboy core audience. . .”

As one admired: “The campaign was about planting a big flag in the ground as if to say, ‘We are an event. And if you don’t understand that, then you’re not cool enough to get it’. ”

For instance, the Warner Bros team resisted the obvious tagline for Watchmen that “someone is killing off superheroes” in order not to oversimplify or oversell it. (As close as the marketing came was “We want our superheroes”.) That meant doing something movie marketers rarely do: accepting that Watchmen is an acquired taste based on a restrictive idea and written as an inaccessible story and then made into a movie that isn’t for everyone.

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