ALL tHe KoOl KiDz FOLO Me on TwITter

Listen, Twitter has taken over the world.

There’s nothing you or I can do about it.


You might as well give in and follow me on Twitter.

Literally, hundreds of people are already doing so.

By hundreds I mean 244.

It’s like this blog, but shorter and much more bitter.


UPDATE: I totally forgot to brag about my blog stats. Sorry.

People, this blog is, BY FAR, the most read blog on

I’m rockin a 16 on Technorati.

I’m a LAMB.

I’m a shoo-in for this year’s Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists “most awesome blog” award, although Freakin’ Rick Green is mounting a Mickey Rourke-like Web comeback. He even has a fancy Facebook page.

In 10 months, I have 297 posts, 16 unpublished drafts (saving ’em for the special edition DVD), 1,942 comments (1,540 of which are spam).

Bring it, people!

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