The Pick Up at Chiller Con

My good buddy Brian Spears sent me a note last night saying “The Pick Up” will be screening April 17 and April 18 at the Chiller Con in Parsippany, N.J. 

Dread Central broke the news yesterday.

Spears is a gore make up artist getting lots of press for the work he did with G&S Effects partner Pete Gerner on “I Sell the Dead.”

He created something quite special for “The Pick Up.”

Click here for a pic.

Visit Dread Central for more.

Visit Fangoria for even more.

The Pick Up,” is a funny, over-the-top short short film that will link the notorious exploitation flick “Flesh for the Beast” to its coming-soon sequel, “Flesh for the Beast 2.”

Flesh for the Beast,” as we all know, is the craziest flick ever to be filmed at the intersection of Executive Boulevard and North Broadway in Yonkers.

Anyway, if anyone is going to be at Chiller next weekend, details on “The Pick Up” screening can be found here.

Support true indie filmmaking!

FYI: I tried posting this info to a Chiller Theatre Yahoo group, but an e-mail signed by “Chiller Theatre Staff” informed me that no approval has been giving for the screening.

I’m assuming the details will be worked out by Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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